2014 - 2015

The Norfolk Volleyball Association Development League aims to give new and developing volleyball players a chance to get some match experience in a friendly league. The league is not for players who play in the Local Leagues or higher.

All the results from the three seasons are below.....Current Champions are Spikers1! (Above)

NVA Dev League 2014/2015

2014 - Development League 3 - Please read, before you start playing.

  • Friday 31st October - Friday 28th November 2014

  • Always from 7pm - 10.20pm on each of the Friday nights above.

  • Always in the Haydn Morris Hall at the UEA Sportspark, Norwich.

  • This five week season costs £30 per team per league (pay on the first night) please.

  • There will be two leagues of four teams.

  • Each team gets three games on each night, playing the others in their league.

  • If you do well, your team might move up a league.

  • If you do less well, you might move down a league.

  • For the first two weeks it will TWO teams up, TWO teams down.

  • For the last three weeks it will ONE team up, ONE team down.

  • Each game is timed, using the big digital clock on the wall in the hall.

  • Start on the time indicated on the score sheet. (First game starts at 7.10pm)

  • End after 25mins. If scores are level, play one more point.

  • In the league 2 points for a win, 1pt if you are WITHIN 10 points of the winners (nine points or less)

  • If teams are level on points, we will count the rallies won.

  • If teams use local league (or higher standard) players, then they will get no points towards the league.

  • Better if the teams uses players from other Development League teams who are Development League players only.

  • You will referee once or twice each night, obviously when you are not playing.

  • Referee to the standard being played, do not call slight double touches.

  • Do be strict on crossing the middle line, for safety purposes.

  • You are allowed to brush the net, but not to touch the white tape at the top.

  • Underarm serve only, unless the captain agree differently at the start.

  • You are allowed one foot on the back line when serving.