NVA AGM 2012

Please find the minutes of the latest AGM below, and also attached as a PDF file at the bottom.

Tuesday 29th May – 7.30pm – UEA Sportspark – Cringleford Room

NVA Representatives present

· Annette Whitehead – Chairperson (& Pegasus)

· Nigel Sinclair – Secretary (&Pirates)

· Debbie Cooper – Treasurer

· Tomasz Morawski – Development Officer (& Spikers Youth)

· Keith Nicholls - President

Club Representatives present

· Chema & Mac – Medusa

· John & Kevin – RTFM & GYGVC

· Hayden – ENSFC

· Sarah Jane – Spikers

· James – UEA


· Kim – Medusa

· Rob - Nomads

1. Club Updates

Norwich Spikers – 35 adults and 18 juniors registered. Training on a Wednesday night for Beginners (coached by Tomasz) and Men’s and Women’s later in the evening. Two teams have done well in the Development League this year.

Spikers Juniors – Have entered numerous competitions in different ages groups.

GYGVC/RTFM – Juniors and Adult numbers dwindling, but still training on Monday’s and playing Beach Volleyball over the summer.

ENSFC – Still going. Will have the usual loss of some players as they leave college. Will still enter a team and the girls players are coming on well also.

Medusa – 35 members, training Wednesday night is popular for the more able players. Training on Sunday for fun.

UEA – 40 members, lots of players moving on, but will still enter teams and thankfully keep entering in the development league.

Pegasus – Same as previous years, are looking to start training on a Wednesday night

Pirates – Same as previous years, are looking to start training on a Wednesday night

Nomads – Folding

2. Entries for next year

Mixed (at least two players on court who are female or 2 U16 – Still at High School)


2. UEA

3. Spikers Adults

4. Medusa

5. Spikers Jnrs 1

6. Spikers Jnrs 2

7. Pegasus


1. Pirates



4. UEA

5. Spikers Jnrs

6. Spikers Adults

7. Medusa


1. UEA

2. Medusa

3. Spikers Juniors/Adults??

4. Pegasus/Nomads

Development League

· GYGVC Ladies

· UEA x lots

· Spikers Juniors

· Spikers Adults

· V-Tekkers

· Priory

· Muffin Tops

· DC3 Mixed

Entries are by no means ‘closed’. When all the Local League games have finished and results are collected then I will email round requesting more entries. Tomasz will also contact Stowmarket Ladies and USAF to see if there is interest to enter our local leagues.

Nigel will contact Sportspark a.s.a.p. to confirm bookings and costs for the fixtures next season. Nigel will also try to book the Season Opening Tournament for the last Saturday in September.

2v2 Tournaments are likely to move to Easter time.

3. National Leagues

Norfolk Men – Tomasz and Dave Richards are leading this. Aim to develop Youth, but all potential players will be welcome. Training will be as and when needed. Fixtures are through and Tomasz will be emailing everyone shortly to confirm players.

Norfolk Women – Sarah Jane is leading this. 10 players have confirmed and signed up. Fixtures are through. Training will happen on an ad hoc basis.

4. Regional League

NVA will pay for and book the hall for the six tournaments. Teams have to have confirmed entry by PAYING £35 two weeks before the tournament. We can then cancel courts if needed. Need 16 teams really, 20 maximum. Tomasz will speak to Maria/Lisa to confirm dates for the Regional Tournaments. The requested dates will avoid both women and men’s National League dates where possible. Debbie to look into electronic payment!

5. Volleyball Developments

· Two permanent outdoor courts are being put up at Great Yarmouth. Come and Play sessions will be taking place.

· School indoor competition was cancelled due to lack of interest, but the outdoor tournament had 80 children playing and was very successful.

· Regional representation has increased this year (5 in the EAST teams)

· Divisional England Development squad has had girls from our region training with them.

· Development Structure shared with the group. There is funding for sport for 14-25 year olds and Tomasz will look to gain some funding and develop the structure with clubs supporting school volleyball.

· Funding depends on participation or potential participation

· Sitting Volleyball is a chance of funding

· Grants available for disadvantaged pupils and areas; this could be used for transport, coaching and so on.

· SportsMatch is a scheme that will double any funding that is gained through sponsorship.

· In the future affiliation will be per player and not per team, likely to be from 2013

6. Finances

These were shared with the representatives and show a positive balance. We aimed to gain a surplus as we are unsure of the cost of booking the halls and can use the surplus to minimise the increase to the clubs.

7. AOB – Local League Standards

There is a concern raised and subsequent common agreement that standards in the Local League have been dropping in the last couple of seasons. SO a number of measures will be introduced for the coming season.

· Each team MUST wear numbered shirts

· Rotations MUST be completed for each set

· Player names will be collected for each night on the Score sheet, to help us report participation numbers

· Ref, 2nd Ref, Scorer and line judges MUST always be present

· First game warms up through 4 at 7.10pm….not later!

· First Game starts with the first service at 7.20pm

· If a team is not ready to play at 7.20pm they forfeit the 1st set.

· If a team is still not ready to play at 7.40pm they also forfeit the 2nd set.

· If a team is still not ready to play at 8pm they also forfeit the 3rdset.

8. AOB – Lowestoft & Hethersett

· The Lowestoft Beach Volleyball Tournament will take place on Saturday 21st July.

· Medusa are holding a Volleyball come and play session on 23rd June, all welcome.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm