League Info & Rules

Rules correct as of September '22

Match Nights

·  All match nights are on a Friday. The Haydn Morris Hall (and Hall 3) is booked from 7pm, and the first games will start at 7.10pm. Please arrive at 7pm or just before to prepare yourself to play or to ref. You will be doing one or the other.

·  Nearly all the match nights operate with three teams on one court. You will play the other two teams, and when they play each other, you will ref. When you are refereeing you will need whistles.

·  The hall will be closed at 10.20pm, so between sets and games please be quick so that all games are completed that evening. It is the team who are refereeing who needs to get everyone going quickly.

·  Every team must supply 4 officials. 1st ref, second ref & scorer and two line judges. If a team does not have 4 officials, it is recorded on the scoresheet and the team is deducted 4 points from their league total. If this happens 3 times then the NVA committee will consider withdrawing that team from the league for a season. NVA will STRONGLY ENCOURAGE teams to provide high quality officiating, with refs focussed and line judges not on their phones! Teams will also score the officiating for their game on the scoresheet. The teams with the best officiating will be recognised and rewarded. The first ref should follow the ball and the 2nd ref should look for rotation issues and any infringements along the centre line/net. PLEASE put a capable ref up on the stand, the standard of refereeing needs to be high, so that all can enjoy the games. 

·  In the Haydn Morris Hall the net that runs down the centre of the hall along the back of the courts, marks out the end of the court. The net should not be moved to create more space to serve, this makes is the same distance off the back of the court at both ends. The orange line is the back of the court and players are not allowed on, or to cross this line. This also stops the net being pushed onto the court behind and players encroaching on to the court behind, which is obviously much safer. 

·  Each game on a match night is a game of three sets. The first two sets are to 25, and the last set is to 15. The first two sets need to be won by two clear points or the first to 27 if two clear points was not possible. The last set also needs to be won by two clear points, if not it is the first to 17. 

·  Each team is allowed one time out per set, no more. In the final set teams change ends when either team gets to eight points.

·  Teams are allowed to make substitutions according to normal Volleyball rules. So players can only re-enter the game in their original positions within the team's rotation.

·  All teams need to submit a rotation slip before each set. Teams need to serve in the order on this slip and also start each point in the correct positions according to this rotation. 

·  Each team ideally needs to have numbered shirts, numbered on the front and back, but if not then either is fine. The shirts should be uniform, as in they should look the same.

·  Each team needs to have 6 players who have only played for that team. If you do not have enough for a full team, do still turn up and you can borrow players from other teams so that the games can go ahead. If your team does not have 6 of its own players, then you will not gain points towards the league, but will still get the enjoyment of playing and will not have let the other teams down. 

·  In the Ladies League, it is females only.

·  In the Men's league,  it is males only.

·  In Mixed League Division 1, there must be three females and three males on court at all times. No age exceptions to this anymore. 

·  In Mixed League Division 2, there must be at least two females and at least two males on court at all times. No age exceptions to this anymore. 

·  You may only play for one Men's or Women's team  and also one Mixed team during the season, unless a transfer is agreed with NVA. You should NOT play in both mixed leagues. Transfers have to be made before match day. No transfers are allowed after March 1st each season. 

·  Please can each team bring their own balls to warm up with and also a match ball would be useful.

·  When a rally in a match is in progress, please DO NOT walk across the back of the court. Players must wait until the point is over, and then quickly make their way across. 

·  When warming up, a few things to remember - Players should NEVER hit cross-court into the opposition. If this might happen with an individual, then they should not hit in the warm-up. Hit down the line, or do not hit in the warm-up. In the warm-up, when teams are hitting, DO NOT return balls near where the opposition are hitting. This is incredibly dangerous is a player jumps to hit, and then lands on a ball. 

·  When giving the ball to the opposition if they are serving next, the ball must only be rolled under the net. 


·  We play by the general rules of Volleyball, except that in the Haydn Morris Hall we are allowed one foot on the service line due to the limited space. 

·  Below are the Basic Rules of Volleyball that I have taken from the Nottingham Volleyball Club. Please feel free to read them, although there is nothing new.

·  As a referee please apply the rules fairly, in the local league, at times you may allow a slight double touch, or a slight carry. This is fine as long as it is the same for both teams. Remember we are playing Local League, not National League.

·  When playing, please respect the referee and try to help the team who are refereeing with your support and honesty. Only the captain should approach and speak to the referee. Please speak politely. 

We are ALL there to play good volleyball and ENJOY the evenings, please remember this and help each other to make the nights a success.


Basic Volleyball Rules for Beginners

The Serve

·  Server must serve from behind the end line until after contact. In the NVA Local League the serve can have one foot on, but not over the line.

·  Ball may be served underhand or overhand

·  Ball must be clearly visible to opponents before serve

·  Served ball may touch the top of the net and drop to the other side

·  Serve must be received with a bump/dig or set, there is no blocking the serve.


·  Rally scoring will be used

·  There will be a point scored on every rally.

·  Offence will score on a defence miss or hit out of bounds.

·  Defence will score on an offensive miss, hit out of bounds, or failure to serve over the net.

·  The first two sets will be played to 25 pts. Third set is to 15pts.

·  A team must win by 2 points. (If both teams are on 24 - 24 then must play to 2 clear points, up to a maximum of 27, and 17 in the third set)


·  Team will rotate each time they win the serve

·  Players shall rotate in a clockwise manner

·  There should be no more than 6 players on each side

Playing the Game

·  Maximum of three touches per side (not including the block)

·  Players may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit)

·  Ball may be played off the net during a rally

·  A ball touching a boundary line is good

·  A legal touch is contact with the ball by any part of the players body which does not allow the ball to visibly come to a rest

·  If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and the players involved may not participate in the next play

·  A player must not block or attack a serve (unless the ball is entirely below the top line of the net)

Basic Violations

·  Stepping on the line with both feet or over the line with one/two feet on a serve

·  Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully

·  Hitting the ball illegally, such as Carrying, Palming, Throwing, etc.

·  Touching the white tape/line (on the top) of the net or moving the net which gives an advantage

·  Reaching over the net, except under these conditions a) When executing a follow-through b) When blocking a ball which is in the opponents court but is being returned (the blocker must not contact the ball until after the opponent who is attempting to return the ball makes contact). Except to block the third play

·  Failure to serve in the correct order

·  Back court player blocks or spikes from a position which is clearly not behind the 3m line 

·  Foot is entirely over the centre line (partial is allowed)

The Court

·  Courts are 18m x9m

·  Net Height for men and mixed is 2.43m

·  Net height for women is 2.24m