Men's & Women's Cup

2024 Women's Cup Competition

Friday 8th March 2024 - All six teams competed playing each other. Then the top 2 teams played off in a final. 

Champions = UEA (Team photo to the right)
Runners -up - Is It In?
3rd place - Spikers Nike
Joint 4th place = GYGVC & Volley Llamas
6th place = Spikers Squad

MVPs = Roxy (Spikers), Sarah-Jane (Is It In?) & Bri (GYGVC)

Four teams entered into the Ladies' Cup Competition, in Part 1(the league) Is It In?, UEA and Sparta all ended up on the same points, so the play-offs were decided by rallies won! In one Semi- Final Is It In? beat Ballbusters, with UEA beating Spikers Sparta in the other semi-final. Spikers Sparta then beat Ballbusters to finish 3rd and in the final UEA beat Is It In? by a single point to win! Virgina from Ballbusters was the MVP!

Ladies' Cup Champions 2018 = UEA!

Eight teams too part in the Men's competition, which gave two leagues of 4 in which each team played the other 3. Pirates, Block n Roll, Juniors and Ayman UEA made it through to the Cup Competition, which Spikers Infernos, Lincoln, Medusa and Le Bois were in the Plate competition. In the Plate Cup Lincoln beat Infernos in the final to claim 5th place on the day, while Medusa beat Le Bois to claim 7th place. In the Cup Competition Pirates and Juniors won the semi-finals, with the Juniors going on to comfortably win the final. Block n Roll beat Ayman UEA to end up in 3rd place. Note some of the Juniors team in 2018 won the cup in 2014, photos below! Will from Le Bois was the MVP!

Men's Cup Champions 2018 = Juniors!

Five teams in the Men's 4v4 Cup Competition enjoyed lots of close games in the league part of the competition. The top two teams played in the final and those teams who came 3rd and 4th played-off for the third place. Medusa beat Pirates in the final with Spikers 1 beating Diss Polish VC to gain a 3rd place. Spikers Infernos came 5th overall. 

MVP on the day was Chema (Medusa). Harry (Pirates), Peter (Spikers Infernos), Martin (Diss Polish VC) and Aaron (Spikers 1) also got multiple votes.

Three teams played in the Ladies' 4v4 Cup Competition, with each team playing the other two, twice. Is It In? won all their four games to win overall. Spikers Sparta won two games so were Runners-Up and UEA came third. MVP was Helen (Spikers Sparta), with Georgia (UEA) and Eleanor (Is It In?) also getting multiple votes)

Ladies 6v6 Cup 2015

Part 1 on the tournament had each of the three teams playing each other, twice! Is It In? won all their games, so were waiting in the final for either Medusa or Spikers Ladies who played-off in a semi-final. Medusa won the game to get to the final but ended up runners-up after Is It In? won this game Final. The MVP for the Ladies tournament went to Aggie from Spikers, with Sarah Jane (Is It In?) and Charlotte & Kath (Medusa) also getting multiple votes. Congratulations to Is It In? for winning the first ever Ladies 6v6 Cup Competition!

Men's 6v6 Cup 2015

Part 1 on the tournament had each of the six teams playing each other. As it turned out the crucial games in the league came in the first couple of games of the day where the reformed Juniors played Spikers 1 and Pirates. The Juniors were getting to know each others games again and were narrowly beaten in both games. Perhaps the results might have been different later in the day?!? Anyway, after the league games Spikers Infernos and GYGVC played-off for 5th/6th place, with GYGVC winning that game. In the 3rd/4th place play-off Medusa (with Tomasz) beat the (defending champions) Juniors. In the final Pirates beat Spikers1 in a close and entertaining game. Great to have the Juniors and Tomasz back together, hopefully they will be back next year?! MVPs were Devon (Spikers1) and Adrian (Pirates) who both got the most votes. John A (GYGVC), Rosie & Mac (Medusa), and Dan & Paul (Infernos) also getting multiple votes. Congratulations to Spikers for being 2015 champions!

2014 News and Results

On Saturday 13th April 2014 five Men's teams from the NVA Local League played in the Cup Competition. In the morning teams played each other in a league, then in the final part of the day teams played off for final positions.

UEA and Spikers Men 1 who finished 3rd and 4th in the League played off in the Bronze Medal match, Spikers Men 1 winning that to finish 3rd overall. UEA then played Spikers Men 2 to decide the 4th/5th places on the day; UEA won the game to finish 4th. In the final Spiker Juniors and Pirates met, as they did last year. Although in the league the game was very close, in the final the Juniors were very comfortable winners, congratulations to them!

Champions, left to right = Ben, Peter, Adrian, Jackson, Jacob, Tomasz, George

Runners Up, left to right = Richard, Seba, Frank, Sarah Jane, Dave, Nigel

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) on each team was voted for by the opposition at the end of each game. 16 different of players got one or more vote. Irem & Sam (UEA), Nigel (Pirates), Paul N (Spikers 2) and Nathan (Spikers 1) all got two votes, but joint winners with three votes each were Tomasz (Juniors) and Phillipe (Spikers 1). Well done to them!

From 1pm on Saturday 11th May 2013 six Men's teams came together for the 2013 Cup Competition. In the first part of the afternoon each team played every other team in a round-robin format, points from the games decided the league positions. The second and final part of the day saw teams play-off for final positions.

In the 5th/6th place play off, GYGVC just pipped Spikers Adults in a really close game. But as GYGVC borrowed players on the day, strictly speaking Spikers Adults finish 5th.

In the play off for 3rd place, Medusa narrowly beat UEA. Particular praise for Medusa who needed a few females to have a full team, and they did brilliantly!

In the Final, Spikers Juniors beat defending Champions Pirates by a single point in an incredibly close and competitive game. A deserved victory from the youngsters!

(Left to Right =  Jackson, Adrian, Tomasz, Peter, Joe, Connor)

Champions=Spiker Juniors. Runners-Up=Pirates. 3rd=Medusa. 4th=UEA. 5th=Spiker Adults. 6th=GYGVC

In every game each team voted for a Most Valuable Player (MVP) from the other team. Players who gained three votes were Richard (Spikers Adults), Kyle (Medusa), John A (GYGVC), Rosie (Medusa) and Stanley (UEA). But taking home the MVP chocolates with four votes was Jackson (Spikers Juniors). Well done to him.

2012 Men's Cup Champions were Pirates

(Left to Right =  Richard A, Dave R, Sarah-Jane, Scott, Nigel & Dave T)


2012 Champions - Pirates

2012 Runners up - Medusa

2012 3rd place - ENSFC

2012 4th place - GYGVC

2012 5th place - Spikers

2012 6th place - UEA