Local League

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Below you will find the fixtures for the 2021-2022 Local League season.

Fixtures can be downloaded in pdf format, or Excel Spreadsheet

ALL Friday match nights start at 7pm in the Haydn Morris Hall. If you are not playing in the first game on, you will be refereeing, so do not let any of your players turn up late!!

Fixtures are always difficult to fit together, so remember...

  • The spread of your games over the season may not be even/ideal. But you will have the same number of games as other teams in your league.

  • You might play one team a few times in a short period of time, and then not much at all for the rest of the season. But you will play each team the right number of times

  • There are some dates when you might play 3 times a night, and other nights when you play just once. Look for the * for these nights in the Men's and Mixed Leagues.Teams often play three times in the Ladies League :-)

  • For the league, in a match teams earn one point for each set won, and an extra point going to the team who win the match overall.

NVA Fixtures 2021 2022 Final.pdf
NVA Fixtures 2021 2022 Final.xlsx