NVA AGM 2008

Norfolk Volleyball Association


Wednesday 1st October 2008

7pm, Sportspark, UEA, Norwich.

Present (Roles in brackets according to the NVA constitution)

Dave Richards

Tomasz Morawski

Kevin Hutchinson (Committee Member)

Tony Grier

Nigel Sinclair (Secretary)

John Ashmore (Committee Member)

Keith Nicholls (President)

Rob Douglas (Local League Secretary)

Karen Warrington

Debbie Cooper (Treasurer)

Annette Whitehead (Chairperson)

Jose Maria Mateo Caballos

Mac Yip

Sarah Jane Ashford


The meeting began with the introduction of Tomasz Morawski, Volleyball Development Officer for Norfolk. He has a 3 year contract, initial focus is developing volleyball in schools, particularly secondary schools. Active Norfolk are currently paying for a 10 week block of coaching in 5 secondary schools in Norfolk. Tomasz will hope to use the Schools Sports Partnerships to develop competitive volleyball amongst schools. Tomasz is also working with community groups to develop volleyball, he is working with the Polish Community, the Philipino community, the Young Farmers and black and minority ethnic groups.

Funding is available to apply for in order to equip every secondary school in the county with the brackets and net to have a volleyball net that stretches across the length of the hall. The wall mounted brackets, padding and the net are from a Dutch company and cost around £350 a set. The nets can also be used for short tennis, sitting volleyball and badminton. All present agreed that attempting to gain the funding to equip each school with these nets is a great idea and would encourage volleyball to appear on the curriculum. Keith Nicholls will put together the applications for the funding. An up to date set of accounts and the constitution for the Norfolk Volleyball Association are required for the application. Nigel Sinclair and Debbie Cooper will supply these documents to Keith.

The name of the bank account will be changed from NDVL to NVA.

There is new hall being built, that will open in February that will have a volleyball night assigned to it. Despite this, for this season the Local League Match nights will remain on the Friday evening. The new hall will hopefully be used for a series of Tournament nights in May, June and July. Although they need to be organised and confirmed, the aim is to have completely open entries, where teams/individuals pay and play on the night, It is envisaged that the nights might be 4-a-side, on the four courts, and anyone can come along and play. This would be a good way of welcoming newcomers into volleyball in Norfolk (such as the minority groups) and might help increase participation and teams in the league.

The role and contact details of Tomasz need to be put on the website.

The list of clubs and the details of training need to be updated, as well as the local league information/fixtures. League fees will remain the same per match as before.

Local League fixtures were given out. Triangular format, fees, times and referring duties al remain the same as last season.

Thanks to Keith for the use of the meeting room.

Meeting ended