NVA Information

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Constitution – As of September 2006

1) General

The Association will be called the "Norfolk Volleyball Association" (NVA), and will take over from and supersede the old Norwich and District Volleyball League

The Association will be responsible to the English Volleyball Association and the Eastern Volleyball Federation.

2) Aims

To promote, encourage and develop the game of Volleyball within Norfolk, especially amongst juniors.

3) Membership

This will be open to any School, Organisation or Club who are interested in promoting and playing Volleyball in accordance with the Association's Constitution and Rules.

4) Officers

The Executive Committee will consist of the following:

President - Keith Nicholls

Chairperson - Annette Whitehead

Secretary - Nigel Sinclair

Treasurer - Debbie Cooper

Local League Secretary - Rob Douglas

Website Co-ordinator - Nigel Sinclair

Comittee Members - John Ashmore and John Eagles

Tournament Organiser - Kevin Hutchinson

5) Election of Officers

The Officers of the Association will be elected at the EGM as follows, and then in the future at AGM’s.

The Chairperson will be elected every other year. This election will take place in even numbered years.

The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected every other year. These elections will take place in odd numbered years.

In the event of a two year post becoming vacant within the first year, the term in office will be reduced to one year at the next AGM.

In the event of one or more posts being unfilled at an AGM the elected Executive has the authority to appoint Committee members with full voting rights. The appointment must be a unanimous decision by the elected Executive. The appointment will be until the next AGM or SGM.

6) Executive Committee

All Officers have one vote.

Every decision will be by a simple majority, but in the event of a tied vote the Chairperson may exercise a second and casting vote.

The Committee has the authority to co-opt members when necessary. Co-opted members will have no voting rights.

The Committee has the authority to set up Sub-Committees, and delegate specific powers to that Sub-Committee.

A group of two Executive Officers is required to transact any business of the Association. This includes those members appointed.

Any item (from clubs) for consideration by the Committee must be communicated in writing and reach the Secretary at least three days before the next scheduled Committee meeting.

Two representatives (of any affiliated club) can be present at the meeting where the item they have raised is discussed.

All committee and sub committee members must declare an interest in any dispute or appeal and may not vote on the matter.

The Committee has the authority to decide on any question or matter arising which is not covered by the Constitution.

7) Finance

The financial year of the Association will end of June each year. An independently checked statement of accounts for the current year will be presented to the AGM.

Annual subscriptions will be decided at the AGM

The funds of the Association must be lodged with an established Bank, Building Society or Post Office.

Cheques and instructions for payment must be signed by two Officers from Treasurer, Chairperson or the Secretary.

8) Annual General Meeting

Not more than 13 months may elapse between AGMs of the Association.

The Annual Reports of the Executive Committee will be presented.

At least six weeks notice will be given of the Date, Time and place of the AGM.

All resolutions will be decided by a simple majority. In the event of a tie the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

9) Ammendments to the Constitution

These can only be made at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

Proposed amendments must be received in writing by the Secretary at least four weeks before the Annual or Special General Meeting.

10) Competitions and Leagues

The NVA will operate local leagues as deemed appropriate, depending on entries from affiliated clubs. The conduct of the leagues will be in accordance with the rules and regulations agreed by the committee of the NVA and will be administered by the local league secretary.

At the discretion of the Executive Committee, Clubs from outside Norfolk maybe allowed to enter any of the competitions.

11) Discipline

The association has the authority to take appropriate disciplinary action against any affiliated Clubs and their representatives.

12) Appeals

There is the right to appeal against any decision on disciplinary sanctions imposed by, or on the authority of the Executive Committee. The written appeal must reach the Secretary within seven days of the sanction. This should be accompanied by a deposit which will be returned if the appeal is successful.

13) Dissolution

In the event of the Association being wound up or dissolved, its assets would be transferred to any replacement organisation (for example a reconstituted Norwich & District Volleyball League). In the event of no successor, the assets would be held in trust by the English Volleyball Association.