2v2 Indoor 2015

The 2v2 2015 Championships for Men's, Ladies and Mixed teams took place on Saturday 28th March. Was great to see the tournament full with all teams showing up on time to enjoy a great day of 2v2 Volleyball.

Mixed 2v2

Lots of fabulous Volleyball in the Mixed League with all sixteen teams getting at least 4 games on Volleyball in the morning. After three seasons of ending up as runners-up, Sarah Jane and Nigel eventually won, beating Mac and Rosie in the final.

Men's 2v2

Great to see Development League, Local League, Regional League and National League players competing alongside each other today. Zak and George are Champions after beating Ben and Adrian in the Semi-Final and Nigel and Scott in the Final.

Ladies 2v2

What a superb standard of Volleyball in the Ladies 2v2 today. A huge improvement on previous years with great strength in depth. Eleanor and Aysia were back together this year and were champions again, beating Sian and Megan in the Final. Super play ladies.

Champions - Sarah Jane & Nigel

Runners-Up - Mac & Rosie

=3rd - Hannah & George

=3rd - Sian & Richard

5th - Viktoria & Scott

6th - Natalia & Richard

=7th - Aaron & Helen

=7th - Sylwia & Burkhard

9th - Ben & Eddie

10th - Marta & Alex

=11th - Charlotte & Lukas

=11th - Vicky & John

13th - Alessio & Veronica

14th - Jemma & Mike

=15th - Ann Marie & Nathan

=15th - Amanda & Peter

Champions - Zac & George

Runners-Up - Nigel & Scott

=3rd - Adrian & Ben

=3rd - Richard & Mac

5th - Devon, James & Ben

6th - Dan & Aaron

=7th - John & Lukas

=7th - Alessio & Marco

Champions - Eleanor & Aysia

Runners-Up - Sian & Megan

=3rd - Jemma & Kat

=3rd - Sarah Jane & Eddie

5th - Kat & Xulia

6th - Amanda & Thi

=7th - Marta & Viktoria

=7th - Helen & Charlotte